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Make A Banana Split With Yasmeen Ismail

From November 14th

Cost: Free

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All ages

Note: This event is from a previous year.
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Yasmeen Ismail

Yasmeen Ismail is an Irish author and illustrator, living in Bristol. She never imagined that she would be so fortunate to work in children’s publishing and thanks her lucky stars every day. She enjoys working with pens, pencils and watercolours, and many other mediums besides. When she is not drawing in her studio she is drawing at the kitchen table with her son. Her hands can get sore by the end of the day, but it’s a price worth paying.

She spends her most days making books, petting the cat, looking out the window and thinking of the next idea. 

Yasmeen’s latest book, ‘Would You Like a Banana?’, is published by Walker Books and available everywhere. You can check your library too. Please read it in a funny voice if you can. That would be most appreciated!

Books by this speaker which feature at the festival

Would You Like a Banana?

Award-winning illustrator Yasmeen Ismail’s delightfully funny picture book featuring a very stubborn gorilla will have the whole family laughing!

Gorilla is hungry but there is absolutely no way he’s going to eat a banana. Not even a teeny taste. Not with some bread or standing on his head. Even if you eat one too, which is something you might do. This brilliant and hilarious picture book from award-winning illustrator Yasmeen Ismail will have everyone laughing at this all-too familiar family situation!

“The text’s strong rhythm and repetitive structure lends itself perfectly to dramatic readings and audience participation (be prepared for lots of shouting!) and the extravagant mixed-media illustrations will captivate even the youngest of readers.”

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