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[FINISHED] 12pm | Geansaí Ottó le Sadhbh Devlin: Scéalaíocht Bheo agus Ceardlann Ealaíne/ Live Story and Art Workshop in Irish

November 20, 2020 12:00 pm
Cost: €15 per class
Until 12:30 pm

Note: This event is from a previous year.
Please visit this year’s festival programme for the latest 2021 events.

Tá stíl ag Ottó agus is breá leis éadaí deasa. Ach ní thuigeann Mamó rud ar bith faoi chúrsaí faisin. Nuair a thagann geansaí gránna eile sa phost uaithi tá rogha ag Ottó – caithfidh sé rud éigin a dhéanamh …

Léifidh Sadhbh óna leabhar úr-nua Geansaí Ottó agus beidh deis agaibh bhur ngeansaithe féin a dhearadh freisin! Beidh páipéar, pinn luaidhe daite nó marcóiri ag teastáil uaibh. Tugtar cuireadh do mhúinteoirí grianghraf a ghlacadh de gheansaithe a ndaltaí agus iad a sheoladh d’fhoireann Wonderfest chun iad a thaispeáint ar shuíomh idirlíne Wonderfest.

Ottó has style and he loves fashionable clothes. Unfortunately, his Mamó doesn’t understand anything about fashion and when another ugly jumper arrives in the post from her Ottó has to do something…

Join Sadhbh for a live reading of her brand-new book, Geansaí  Otto and a chance to design some jumpers of your own! You’ll need paper and colouring pencils or markers. Afterwards, the children can ask Sadhbh about her book or about her work as a writer. It is a good idea to prepare questions before the event with your pupils. Teachers are encouraged to photograph their pupils’ jumpers and send them to the Wonderfest team after this event for the Wonderfest website.

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