Celebrating Irish Children’s Books | Online School and Family Book Festival. This year we are part of the Dublin Book Festival.

2pm | Eoinín – Muireann Ní Chíobháin agus Róisín Hahessy

November 20, 2021 2:00 pm
Cost: €5 per family
Until 2:30 pm
AGE 4+

Bí i dteannta Muireann agus Róisín agus uan beag gleoite darbh ainm Eoinín d’imeacht dátheangach speisialta. Beidh do chúnamh ag teastáil, mar is fútsa amháin atá sé scéal Eoinín a bhogadh ar aghaidh ó leathanach go leathanach. Tá Eoinín agus a eitleog ag fanacht ort! Ná dearmad dathanna agus páipéar chun foghlaim conas Eoinín a tharraingt tú féin.

Join Muireann and Róisín and a cute little sheep named Eoinín for a special, bilingual event. We’ll need your help because only you can move Eoinín’s story along from page to page. Eoinín and his kite are waiting for you! Don’t forget to bring colours and paper to learn how to draw Eoinín yourself.

A live interactive event, delivered online

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