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[FINISHED] 12pm | Go Animal Crackers: Animal Tales and Draw Along with Alan Nolan, Margaret Ann Suggs and Jennifer Farley

November 20, 2020 12:00 pm
Cost: €15 per class
Until 1:00 pm

Note: This event is from a previous year.
Please visit this year’s festival programme for the latest 2021 events.

Do the children in your class love animals? Do they enjoy drawing? And laughing? Then this live interactive event is for you!

Our three talented writers and illustrators will talk about their favourite animals and show the children how to draw some of them, from dogs to puffins. Then they’ll create some fantasy mash-up animals – a mouse with a narwhal horn and octopus tentacles, a dog with Chinese water deer fangs and tiger stripes – the children will decide! Join Alan, Jennifer and Mags for lots of true animal facts and whacky drawing fun!

A live, interactive event, delivered digitally via your own whiteboard.

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